Friday, January 25, 2013

Meet the Medallion hunt finders!

With all the excitement of WCCO coming to Spicer (see post below) I forgot to introduce you to the finders of the 2013 Spicer WinterFest medallion hunt and winners of the $500 prize!!

Kristi Barber and her daughter Taylor Barber of Spicer found the Medallion on Tuesday. The clue was We stand Tall and Proud in Spicer.

They started their search at the water tower (that's where we wanted you to look :)) and then went to the fire dept. - next logical location! They thought it was hidden on a flag pole so next they went to the memorial at the downtown Wildcat Cove park. After not finding it there they were going to look more place before calling it a night. They were heading to the Green Lake ball park when Kristi saw off to the East the Detlaf Senior Center and the Spicer City office building. The memorial tree is tall they said! Taylor after looking around the tree began to get very excited. Mom whats that she points! There they found it, attached to a tree branch! Did you figure out where it was hidden?

Kristi tells us that they plan to give back to the community with a portion of that money. How wonderful is that! We look forward to hearing all about it Kristi.

CONGRATULATIONS again to the Barbers!

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