Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Medallion FOUND!!

The Spicer WinterFest Medallion was found at 6pm Tuesday by Kristi & Taylor Barber of Spicer!
See the rest of the clues below and see if you can figure out where it was hidden and tell us what clue made you figure it out?! We will post the location of where the Barbers found it and a bit about them tomorrow!
Stay tuned!
Jan. 21 “ It is Nicer in Spicer and this year during WinterFest ‘Spicer is ICER’!” “Did you know there are 3 parks in Spicer and 8 public buildings/locations? Surely the medallion should be easy to find with so few places to look.”
Jan. 22 “We stand Tall and Proud in Spicer.”
not yet posted:
Jan. 23 “Meet an old friend for lunch here.”
Jan. 24 “You will find me at the center of town.”
Jan. 25 “I am hidden among memories of loved ones”
Jan. 26 “It should be a Snap to find me among the trees”

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