Thursday, January 25, 2018


Medallion winner Chris Adams of Willmar claimed his $500 prize from Granite Community Bank VP's Todd Erickson (left) and Mike Schmid (right). Chris found the medallion on Saturday, January 20th at Westside Park! Congratulations Chris!

Saturday, January 20, 2018


The medallion has been found by Chris from Willmar. More details to come!

Medallion Hunt Clue #1

Please join us in Spicer tonight from 5-7 PM at Saulsbury beach for Fireworks, bonfire on the beach, hot cocoa, Disney characters, AND wear your Vikings apparel and join in on the SKOL chant at 6:45!

A big Thank You to this year's Medallion Hunt Sponsor Granite Community Bank/Loan Center of Spicer.

Good luck!! 

Clue #1: Ice is our claim to fame,

  St. Paul we shared with for the big game.
  Ice is slippery so take care
              Could be icy to find-- if you dare

The Fine Print:
Spicer Winterfest 2018 Medallion Hunt rules:
1. Anyone is eligible to participate in the Annual Medallion Hunt except for Spicer Commercial Club Board members and WinterFest planning committee members and their families.
2. The Medallion is located within city limits of Spicer.
3. The Medallion is hidden on public property. Do not enter onto private property looking for the Medallion.
4. Destruction of property is not necessary and will not be allowed. Searchers must not deface public property or otherwise violate laws. The Spicer Commercial Club reserves the right to discontinue the hunt at any time if public or private property is destroyed.
5. The person finding the Medallion should present it in person to Jasmine Vikse, Spicer Commercial Club member, by calling the telephone number 320.894.3862.
6. Clues will be available on the Spicer Commercial Club Blog ( – select blog) and the Spicer Commercial Club Facebook page. As well as live daily on Q102 morning radio starting January 20th, 2018.
7. The Medallion is made of metal with special markings to identify it as authentic.
8. No purchase is necessary to win.
11. Any tax due as a result of winning the prize is the responsibility of the winner.
12. If the Medallion is not found and presented by 5:00pm on January 28th, 2018, the Spicer Commercial Club reserves the right to terminate the hunt.

Friday, January 19, 2018

WinterFest 2018 in Spicer

Come out to Spicer starting this weekend for hours of fun!
FRIDAY: Soup & Music at Glacial Ridge Winery with 3D Band at 5pm
FRIDAY: Karaoke at Zorbaz tonight 10pm-Close
MEDALLION HUNT watch for clues starting Saturday!!
SATURDAY: Ice Golf with Little Crow Country Club from 10am-1pm
Art & Wine Exhibit at Glacial Ridge Winery Jan 19 & 20 from Noon-9pm
SATURDAY: Frozen 5k walk/run - Start at Zorbaz 9am
SATURDAY: LIGHTING CEREMONY & FIREWORKS with bonfire on the beach, hot cocoa, Disney Characters & FIREWORKS!!
See you in SPICER!

Monday, January 23, 2017


The 2017 Spicer Winterfest Medallion was found today after clue #3. More details to come.

CLUE #3 2017 Winterfest Medallion Hunt

CLUE # 3
No one has found the Medallion yet! Maybe this will be the clue you need! 

"Our Medallion hunt sponsor Granite Community Bank/Loan Center wants you to know it's nICEr in SpICEr!"

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Here is your SECOND CLUE for the Spicer Winterfest Medallion Hunt! $500 prize - HURRY get to Spicer!

Did you participate in the Frozen 5K walk/run yesterday? If so you may have run right on by.

Good Luck!

Thank you to Granite Community Bank/Loan Center of Spicer, this year's Medallion Hunt Sponsor.

See the first clue, the new look of the 2017 Medallion and how to claim the prize in the post below.