Monday, January 17, 2011

NEW! Medallion Hunt!

We are very excited to be adding a new event to the 2011 Winterfest activites! The Spicer Commerical Club is hosting a Medallion Hunt with a $500 prize!!! Here are a few details and please read over the rules!

Clues will be given daily on Q102 radio at 7:40am. The clues will be posted at a sponsoring Spicer business throughout the day, businesses and dates listed below, please do not call the business for the clue, must be received in person. You will also find a recap of the days clue on this blog at 2pm in the afternoon. And our Facebook page

Jan 22 The first clue for the medallion will be given right HERE on this blog Saturday, January 22nd. It will be posted by 9 am.

Jan 23 The second clue will be posted at our sponsor: Jahnke Foods clue available 9am-8pm

Jan 24 The third clue will be posted at our sponsor: Heritage Bank of Spicer clue available 9am-4pm

Jan 25 The fourth clue will be posted at our sponsor: United Prairie Bank of Spicer clue available 9am-4pm
Jan 26 The fifth clue will be posted by our sponsor: Melissa Radel, Statefarm Ins. clue posted on her Facebook page. Search Melissa Radel Statefarm agent or on blog there will be a link to her Facebook page.

Jan 27 The sixth clue will be posted at our sponsor business: Spicer American Legion clue available 11am-8pm

Jan 28 The seventh clue will be posted at our sponsor business: Pioneer Heritage Insurance in Spicer clue available 9am-4pm
Jan 29 The eighth clue will be live on air with our sponsor: Lakeland Broadcasting, Q102 Radio

If more clues are needed they will be available on the select blog and Q102 radio.

Winterfest 2011 Medallion Hunt Rules
Thanks goes out to the Spicer Commercial Club for making this hunt possible.
1. Anyone is eligible to participate in the 2011 Medallion Hunt except for Spicer Commercial Club Board members and Winterfest planning committee members and their families.
2. The Medallion is located within city limits of Spicer.
3. The Medallion is hidden on public property. Do not enter onto private property looking for the Medallion.
4. Destruction of property is not necessary and will not be allowed. Searchers must not deface public property or otherwise violate laws. The Spicer Commercial Club reserves the right to discontinue the hunt at any time if public or private property is destroyed.
5. The Medallion is not buried, however snow may need to be brushed off and climbing will not be necessary.
6. The person finding the 2011 Medallion should present it in person to Stacey Ryan, Spicer Commercial Club member, at the Green Lake Bible Camp (320) 295-2032 between 9:00am – 4:00pm Mon – Fri.
7. Clues will be displayed at the local Spicer sponsors businesses, on the Spicer Commercial Club Blog ( – select blog) and the Spicer Commercial Club Facebook page. As well as live daily on Q102 radio starting January 22nd, 2011.
8. The Medallion is made of stone with special markings to identify it as authentic.
9. No purchase is necessary to win.
10. Any tax due as a result of winning the prize is the responsibility of the winner.
11. If the Medallion is not found and presented by 4:00pm on February 11th 2011, the Spicer Commercial Club reserves the right to terminate the hunt.
12. The decisions of the Spicer Commercial Club are final. The Spicer Commercial Club assumes no responsibility for damages/losses, accidents or injuries sustained by participants. Participants are urged to use reasonable safety precautions. Good sportsmanship, and all applicable rules, laws and regulations must be followed. Violators may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Spicer Commercial Club Board members.

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