Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In the picture is Sabrina Lere, Spicer Commercial Club President and WinterFest Chair, Chris Adams of Willmar, Medallion Winner and Claire Verch, One Main Financial Medallion Hunt Sponsor

Chris told Sabrina in an interview that he had the day off of work so he went to the Spicer blog and then off to search. The first clue:  The search for the Medallion is starting again. Search high and search low. I’m just hanging out in the cold.  immediately made him think of a flag pole. The first place he thought to look was near the flag pole at the fire dept. and there it was, hiding inside the bell near the flag. He has searched for the medallion in the years past and has always checked this location. He was surprised to actually find it there this year. Chris says his daughter wants to go see a production of Frozen so that is what they will do with some of the $500 winnings.

The Spicer Commercial Club says Congratulations to Chris and Thank You to One Main Financial for sponsoring.

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